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“I’m making Animations and Games with self-produced characters”

GreatUsagi I speak with a work.That's all.
Animation / Game 2D,3D Generalist and producer & Global FL Team Leader
Race : Rabbit (The rabbit on the head is the main body)
Personality: MBTI INTJ & INFP (Frequently changed)
LIKE : UsagiFamily, Supporter, Holomember, Salome, BangDream, Priconne, FPS
DISLIKE : Liar, Opportunist
"The most important values are honesty and trust.The rest are all incidental."



2024/06/07 I’ve been a little busy lately, so I haven’t been able to renew this place well. I post it on my X and JP channels every day, so please refer to that.This homepage is a personal homepage that I made. The homepage and all animations, characters, and games you see here are self-produced.
After that, I will develop into a game-related server, where I will try and test simple fun web services and various online games with those registered in the “Feeding” menu as the top priority. It’s going to be an unusual and fun experience, so please participate a lot.
I directly translate it into 3 languages and provide it. (optimized for PC/Google Chrome)
Please refer to the animation/game menu on this homepage or below for my work.

Works Reference (External)

 YouTube Eng NEW. Focus on uploading game-related videos.
 YouTube Jpn Upload all the videos.The number of uploaded videos is the highest.
 YouTube Kor NEW. Upload all the videos.
Twitter Jpn account
 Preparing Twitter Game Info account


“GreatUsagi is looking for a warm partner company”


Contact (Eng/Jpn/Kor)
If you have any good suggestions, please send me an email.(Please include the letter “Sweet Carrot” in the mail title. I don’t browse without this word to prevent phishing mail)
Note: I do not reply to emails that are rude, personal questions, salespeople, suspicious, etc. that are not fit for purpose.
(Don’t ask me for a second creation request. I NEVER do)

Thank you🐰

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